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Hollywood Undead New Masks. by FunnyScene Hollywood Undead New Masks. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 148 28
DC3: Rain and nightmares.
"Rain and nightmares."
Nothing much to say... My first fanfiction. For Ningyo-Mizu. :3
A normal day in the 80's. Right? Well no, there was something that ruins everything, the plan I had perfectly mounted in my head was marred for the next fact:
The rain.
Mo and I were going out, for dance in the streets until the night fell and after that, go to take something like we used to. But now that the time was mad with us, resulted impossible, and our street in few seconds, was completely soaked. Full of puddles, and the cold... Ugh. I didn't want to be locked up doing nothing. No, I can't allow it. And in what way? Annoy my dance partner.
In those moments, he was taking off his warm jacket, with the hat and the glasses, carrying the simple red tracksuit. Thanks to my legos, on the inside of this house was quite hot, even when out it's all freeze, therefore he removed his tracksuit top, being in a white undershirt. I stared at him for a momen
:iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 5 3
The pose is everything. by FunnyScene The pose is everything. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 109 9 Yup. Da Kurlzz. by FunnyScene Yup. Da Kurlzz. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 76 28 Funny Man, naked. by FunnyScene
Mature content
Funny Man, naked. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 34 37
J3T. Shirtless. by FunnyScene J3T. Shirtless. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 26 11 Jay and Danny.~ by FunnyScene Jay and Danny.~ :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 29 3
Mature content
The 7 Deadly Sins. Chp. 3 :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 10 2
Funny, Kurlzz and Jake. by FunnyScene Funny, Kurlzz and Jake. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 23 5 And this... Is the original image. by FunnyScene And this... Is the original image. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 38 5 Old picture. by FunnyScene Old picture. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 30 8 Part of HU with a fan. by FunnyScene Part of HU with a fan. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 30 4 J forever alone. by FunnyScene J forever alone. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 75 15 A kiss, please? (J3T.FM) by FunnyScene A kiss, please? (J3T.FM) :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 34 9 Truth or lie? by FunnyScene Truth or lie? :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 11 15 Wet dreams... Complete. by FunnyScene Wet dreams... Complete. :iconfunnyscene:FunnyScene 84 36
Ow, silly me. I had not heard that there was a description so far, and that I've been here 2 months. -Begins to pound her head against the pillow nearest- :nuu:

In short, leaving me and my dramas, I specify that in my gallery you can find things very different. Although most are images I upload, -or stories, from time to time, Hollywood Undead, and some of Black Veil Brides. Enjoy my gallery, I hope my arduous search for something to serve. :D


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I'm tagged by her -> DareToDreamDarling. YAY! I'M SO HAPPY/HIGH RIGHT NOW.

Meme Rules:
1->You must post these rules.
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4->You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5->Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6->No tag backs.
7->No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

10 Things About FunnyScene:
1). I found a person, even though she is from miles away, I love her as if she was by my side. :heart:
2). If you have my interest, I will do anything for caught your attention. ;)
3). I'm not that type of person who likes parties, and celebrate. All the reverse. Very calm.
4). Recently, the horror/gore books, fascinates me.  
5). Want to fell in love with a person, and feel how the people in love feel in those moments.
6). I usually make promises that I don't comply... And it's a shame for me.
7). Being a gemini, make my behavior change in every moment.
8). I'm a box full of surprises. You will never get bored with me. :lol:
9). I love yaoi so freakin' much...
10). I see myself in the future like a writer. Writing stories in my free time, enjoying the moment, as I do now.

DareToDreamDarling's questions
1). Pick one: Immortality or the ability to shape shift?
Shape shift. I don't wanna live forever with the body and face I have now. (Yeah, ego very low.)
2). What's your biggest fear?
The spiders, and... Be invisible for everyone. Be hated, or ignored.
3). If you were a porn star, what would your porn star name be?
I will never be a porn star... Whatever... Missy Bite. (?)
4). Favorite subject in school?
Ethics. (We never make class, is a free hour.)
5). What's your biggest pet peeve?
Listen my flaws. I HATE that, because I know them perfectly.
6). Who has had the biggest impact in your life?
My grandfather... He left, and instantly, realize what he did in my life.
7). If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?
Ryoma. . . . Don't look at me like that. It's cool.
8). Any zombie Apocalypse plans?
Yep. But I don't wanna reveal that. A surprise is a lot better, right? 83
9). Who's your celebrity crush?
Jackson Rathborne. Or PewDiePie/Felix.
10). Your most embarrassing moment?
Well... In class, I had my period, and without knowing, when I sat up, I see the chair with a big, red spot. All I had in this moment was shame, cleaning it (discretely) with a piece of paper. ;w;

My questions (for anyone who wanna):
1). You write often? And if the answer is affirmative, what type you like?
2). If a character of a videogame become real, who you prefer?
3). Hang out with friends, or stay in home, doing random stuff?
4). What is your last nighmare? (If you have, of course)
5).  You are totally comfortable with your life/friends/family?
6). A thing you did, and then you felt very badass.
7). Stole anything?
8). Would give me a hug, and be my friend? : D
9). You have the oportunity for learn a language. What would you choose?
10). Song you hate right now.

Love for everyone who I don't tagged and wants to make my questions. :3

  • Listening to: Paradise ~ Coldplay.


FunnyScene's Profile Picture
Lalala~ 83
Artist | Student | Varied
Welcome to my page at all. I am very happy that I dedicate a mere visit. -I do not deserve it but anyway- I'm not very favored to make friends here, but I do what I can. <3 Head over to my interests, look at music, and if we agree on that, you won. And if is Hollywood Undead, much better. 8D

What shall I say of me? I love writing, role-play, reading, anything having concerned with the letters. *^ * I think that sums me. I tend to change things very often, such as my account picture, msn or even my wallpaper. ˛.ˇ I like new things, and when I get tired of them, I waste them. Bad habit, I know. I can not do anything about it. Please do not ask me my favorite member of HU because I know not answer. They're perfect.

And recently I start to love Dance Central. 1, 2, 3. All of them. I don't have the game, whatever, I dance it watching the videos on Youtube. Very useful, I like it a lot. I like to dance the song 'Lapdance', I considered it very sexy. ;3 But my platonic love is Glitch. (?) So much cuteness.~ (My favourite couple of the game is MoGlitch, and of course the group Hi-Def) If you like him, you and me probably will be the best friends ever. :D YAY!

And and and... PewDiePie. <3 It's the best playing games, talking to Cleverbot... He has a lovely blue eyes. *_* Thanks to him, the horror games doesn't scare me. His screams and facial expresions make me laugh. Mr. Chair, Stephano, Piggieh, Cry, the father and the son on the game of Happy Wheels... 'Senioritas everywhere' and a lot of things that deal with him.

You know, bro. Hablo espa˝ol perfectamente, no te cortes, y no hace falta que utilices el traductor para hablarme. xD *Brofist*



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